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Welcome to G H Raisoni College Of Engineering & Management, Ahmednagar

Campus Life

  • Hostel Facility

    'A home away from home' in the truest sense!

    Our institute has a well equipped hostel for students. For parents and students alike reaching out for a hostel can be an overwhelming experience. For the former it is sending their precious away from them. And, for the latter a new life where every step, each decision and every endeavor will act as a fuel to shape their future!

    We at GHRCEM ensure to engrave a culture to aid the students in adjusting, learning and living in a conducive environment. It's our priority to provide them with social, mental and physical safety. Comprehensive care along with the latest in technology tools are made to work in the arena of safety measures. Alarm systems, warden, security staff are pursued for accomplishing the same.

    Our hostel rooms are well furnished and have adequate lighting and ventilation facilities. We do comprehend the need to study in the late hours after college, thus, we have well equipped reading rooms to make this easier. We do have a round the clock power supply. After a diligent day at college the students need recreation facilities at their disposal. Hence, we have the recreation room to relax. And, for the sportsperson in you, plenty of sports facilities to hone your gaming skill or simply bask in the freshness!

    That one aspect that the students miss the most is the home cooked food. It is to take care of this criterion our mess provides with piping hot and fresh food for them. It is every bit delicious and maintains the hygiene standards. We do comprehend the need of medical assistance at any time of the day. Hence, we make sure to provide them with 24/7 ambulance facility and medical assistance if the need might arise.

    The hostel provides with :

    • Well furnished and spacious rooms with cot, study table, chair and cupboard - aiding in making education as your sole aim
    • Mess providing with hot and fresh food - to keep you energized
    • Recreation room to relax - to replenish you after a day's work
    • 24/7 ambulance availability - to tackle any health related issues
    • A Medical facility for assistance - to assure health care
    • Uninterrupted power supply - Eliminating any obstacles
    • Sports facility - to ensure an all round development

    And, before we wrap up:

    Your college life is the first experience you witness the world as an individual. Away from the heaven of your parents' arms, you have immense to look forward to. They have trusted you with their money, their dreams and your life. Enjoy this beautiful phase of your life, but do remember to inculcate it with discipline, knowledge and skills. The studies you pursue here, the knowledge you gain in this tenure and the character you build will be the stepping stone for your future. Make every minute count!

  • Student Life

  • Atheletics/Sports

    “Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose-it teaches you about life.”- Billie Jean King

    Inevitably Sports and Games make an indispensable part of the curriculum of our educational institutes. They are the carrier of a healthy mind, a healthy body and a free soul. They aid in the development of social skills. They reduce stress. They make sure that co-operation and coordination becomes the part and parcel of the lives of the student.

    The attributes we eye on

    • An environment which motivates students
    • An optimism which never ceases to enlighten their lives
    • The team work which nurtures them on every track
    • The sportsman spirit which once ingested never leaves them

    As the pioneer institute providing holistic education, we have the best sports facility with us to take care of all of the above.

    Our sports facilities

    Here are some key pointers describing them well:-

    • Outdoor games- outdoor games like badminton, football, basketball, and cricket have specifications with respect to the field needs. We have it all on our campus. We make sure to provide with amenities which are best in the class to provide the students with unsurpassed playing experience right here in our fields.
    • Indoor games- finest of the indoor games facilities lie with our institute. We have table tennis, chess, and carom as the part of the indoor sports activities for our students. The students can spend their time in engaging in the sports arena of our indoor games with ease.
    • Sports in charge- we do comprehend the need of sports in charge in every sport. Thus, we have appointed the teachers for both indoor and outdoor game to guide the aspiring sports person well. They are excellent in their field. They have complete knowledge about the rules and regulations. We do have a sports coordinator in each class to encourage the students.
    • Competitions- in order to inculcate a sportsman spirit in the students, time and again sports competition are held in the college. There are held the inter class competitions. And, there are also organized the Intercollegiate sports meet. This inspires the students, enables them knowledge about the level of competition and prepares them for future endeavors.
    • First aid box- Complete care is taken at the college premises to keep it safe for the students playing sports. However, if during some sports event or regular games a student gets hurt the sports facility has the first aid box to aid them with medical assistance.
    • Sports dignitaries- the best sportsperson in the various sports, the sports personality, those that have made the nation proud with their milestone achievements are a treasure to the society. In order to inculcate the students with supreme aims, they are invited by our institute to give lectures about the games.
    Fitness of body, mind and soul is the vision we have for our students at our institute. Play well! Live well! Stay healthy!
  • Library

    The word library is enough to picture you a nicely lit room, well ventilated, well-structured books, journals and magazines. The library at GHRCEM is every bit that and more to it. The fact that it is continuously updated with the latest information in the form of study material, books and reference books pursues the needful.

    It is an integral part of an educational institution and we have the best in the education arena. We have it organized in the most impeccable manner so as to avail complete nurturing of knowledge to our students. It is the finest learner-centred amenity for our students to cater to with ease.

    The aspiring entrepreneurs, the students who want to make their career in IT firms or those with a knack for management need to simply reach out to the library and imbibe the power called 'knowledge'.

    "The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library" - Albert Einstein.

    And, we have it for our students and faculty right here on the campus of GHRCEM.

    Our library is embellished with some of the most salient features for you to take advantage of :

    • Explore length and breadth of the room - indeed, with a spacious library like ours; you have immense to look forward to with the facilities. Hence, the first aspect we took care of was to put as many books, learning the material and reading information in the library. Along with it, we have made it really spacious for our students of computer science, management, computer application and administration. So, you can with ease, explore the length and breadth of the room to avail knowledge and education.
    • Learning material sees no boundary - we comprehend your need to study from reference books along with your course books. We understand that you need journals, the books from a variety of authors and the international papers. We have it all with us right here at the library for you to take advantage of.
    • Question banks and solutions - Even when you are prepared verbatim with the notes and books; there is always the need of online question banks and solutions. A pattern of the question paper and a format for an answer is the key to the best-written answer sheets. Undoubtedly, you are well aware of this and so are we.
    • Comfortable furniture - Chairs, tables, lamps we take care of each one of it so that our students are comfortable in the heaven of books. The best quality furniture assures the needful.
    • Silence - Silence is not just a part of the code of conduct; it is religiously followed in our institute library.
    • Book bank facility - The needy, yet meritorious students can avail the Book Bank facility from the library to enrich knowledge and embody information. There are some definite norms for the same for which you can contact the librarian.

    The Code of Conduct:

    The library is for you to explore every facet of knowledge, imbibe information and preserve the books. It thus becomes your responsibility to take care of books, journals and magazines issued to you. Let the flow of information continue. It is opened on the regular college days from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

  • Computer Lab

    ‘Computer themselves, and software yet to be developed, will revolutionize the way we learn’-Steve Jobs Innovation and technology have become a part and parcel of the day to day life today. At GHRCEM we make sure to provide you with amenities which are par excellence. Computer laboratory is a part of the same facility. Our state-of-the-art computer laboratory has a plethora of sections. And, each of it provides support to internet applications, design application and programming. Hence, you can be assured of being on the receiving end of knowledge with practical experience with us.

    Our attributes

    • Comprehensive assistance- Comprehensive assistance by the lab faculty and educators to assist you with any issues arising in the operation of equipment or software. They are well versed with their job and will be a helping hand as and when needed.

    • High Speed Internet- Our laboratory is coupled with high speed internet. You can be assured of seamless working with the same.

    • Latest Configuration-Our computers are associated with the latest configuration to aid you in better processing. This is not it. The software of the computer is upgraded from time to time. Thus, you will be able to take benefits of the latest with the laboratory.

    • Hands-on-Practical-We comprehend the need of hand-on-practical experience for our students. Hence, we have a good number of computers in our laboratory to suffice the need. Computer laboratory is for you to explore new depths of academic pursuits. Hence, utilize it with immense care. While technology never ceases to be the best friend, make sure you do not make it your enemy by misusing it. Do not let it be your worst nightmare.

  • Transportation

    “Transportation is the center of the world! It is the glue of our daily lives. When it goes well, we don’t see it..……….”-Robin Chase

    With the educational institute like those under the RGI, excellence in education, diligence team of educators and state-of-the-art tools is expected. Thus, we make sure to go that extra mile to offer comfort to our students in all possible ways. We have students joining our educational institute from all the nook and corner of the city. In order to provide them with the travel assistance to and from the institute, we have our impeccable transportation system.

    Here are the salient features of our transportation system:-

    • Well connected route - Our buses reach the designated time slot at the major destinations in the city. Students need to be there at the assigned time to board them
    • Checking and servicing - Our buses are regularly checked to avoid any issue. Servicing of the vehicle is taken care of with priority.
    • Transportation office - If you have any query with respect to any issue associated with the transport system, you can contact at the Transportation office of the respective educational institute.
    • Fee - A nominal fee is charged from the students for their boarding the buses. The monthly and yearly pass facility is also available with us.

    Board on the journey of education with us at Raisoni!

  • Food Courts

    “Food is our common ground, a universal experience.”-James Beard

    Indeed, we at the G H Raisoni college of Engineering and Management have a similar school of thought. With many number of institutes under RGI umbrella, it becomes our responsibility to take care of every aspect about nurturing students. It may be providing them with education, imbibing knowledge, inculcating moral values or providing them with good food. Every aspect is taken care of with the utmost priority at our institutes.

    Our food courts are no different from the preeminence we are habitual of practicing. Food is the source of energy. And, it needs to be delectable too.

    The following aspects are taken care of at our food courts/mess

    • Impeccable quality - We believe in serving our students with the best quality food. After all, the nurturing of the body is the need for their complete development. And, we take care of this aspect with utmost intricacy. Our food courts/mess serves the most delicious dishes with the superior quality ingredients.
    • Hygiene is our priority - We practice and pursue complete hygiene in the food court and the mess/kitchen. We do comprehend the need and impact of cleanliness in every nook and corner of thefood court. Strict guidelines pertaining to the same is given to the staff and is practiced seriously.
    • Well structured -Whether it is the designing, the place management or the furniture of the mess/food court complete care is taken comprehensively about each aspect. Each and every institute ensures that the food courts are spacious, ventilated and has comfortable furniture. Proper air and lightning needs is also well sufficed in here.
    • Maintenance and inspection- We are well aware of the fact that ensuring well-structured food court with all the amenities is not enough. The maintenance is a more pertinent aspect. This is the acumen behind periodic inspection of our food courts. We make certain to not leave a single stone unturned with it.
    • Affordable - The need of the students and their parents is to have a well-equipped food court serving mouth-watering dishes at the cost-effective price. We at the GHRIBMensure to keep the price affordable. Our intent behind this step is to assure that each and every student is on the receiving end of proper nutrition at the best price.
    Nurturing your mind, your soul and your life now and always!
  • Banking Facility

    The G H Raisoni Institute College of Engineering and Management, Jalgaon envisions instilling excellence in each and every aspect associated with the institute. This is the acumen behind the finest academic curriculum, well versed faculty, state-of-the-art tools and infrastructure which bespeaks preeminence.

    In the same context inculcating seamlessness in the life of the students is a motive we harbor. This we bring about with a plethora of amenities which are very much a part of our campus.

    An ATM well occupying a space in our institute campus is a reflection of this thought process. With the ATM, we have made sure that some sort of sudden or the like financial needs are met for the students in the premises itself. We do comprehend their need of monetary requisites. In the present scenario wherein every part of the world is technologically advanced for a smoother life, we ensure to pursue the same with an ATM.

    • It is safe for the students.
    • A security guard is on-duty at it, 24/7.
    • The Maintenance of the machine is pursued periodically to ensure a smooth transaction.

    Thus, when we quote, we have all covered; we really mean and imply it.

  • Safety and Security

    Parents dream for their child, to make sure to inculcate every good manner and aspire them to do something big in life. But, even more than that they care for their safety! The safety of our students is definitely above any vision, an aspiration or dream for them.

    GHRCEM the G H Raisoni College of Engineering & Management has been known for the excellence in facilities, latest in amenities and a plethora of opportunities. The group, which has the motto of ‘The vision beyond’ has never ceased to frame novel milestones in the path of education. And, it is doing the same to safeguard the students. Hence, the educational institute is well equipped with state-of-the-art tools and services to provide due safety measures.

    Here are some salient features which we have incorporated in our institutes:-

    • Camera- that ace technology feature which never ceases to provide protection is the camera. Thus, we have made sure to put Close Circuit TV camera around the campus. We have them in the corridors, in the common areas and in some class rooms. We also have them in the various laboratories, library and sports room. Hence, you can be assured of a close eye on all the activities of the students with accuracy and precision.
    • Security Guards-We have a team of meticulous and careful security guards at each of the gates. The students are only made to enter after they show their ID cards to the guards. This further assures of the safety of each ward. The security guards are positioned in all the campuses.
    • Safe Environment-Immense care is taken to provide the educational institute with a particularly safe environment.
    • Moral Values- time and again, emphasis is laid on moral values. Seminars and symposiums on safety are organized in the institute to enable the students pertaining to the awareness about their rights.

    Thus, when we quote, we have all covered; we really mean and imply it.

  • Health services

    “Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have”- Winston S. Churchill

    We at the GHRCEM Ahmednagar comprehensively abide with this quote. And as parents, we are very sure you too. What can be better than making sure the students, the Generation next is healthy!

    We have taken complete measure to keep our campus safe and secure. However, this does not cease us from maintaining the highest standard of health services for our students. After all, better safe than sorry. So, we are well equipped with state-of-the-art health service to take care of any discrepancy which might arise.

    Health services which we are associated with include:-

    • Ambulance Service-We do not ever aspire to use it. No parent would for their child. However, we have a 24/7 hour ambulance service right on our campus. It is equipped with the required machines to provide with aid in an emergency situation.
    • Hospital- if required we are in the position to take our student to the hospital.
    • Sickbay- every educational institute has a sick bay. It is like a rest room for students who are not feeling well. We have a well-trained staff to take care of the student while he/she is in here. Prescribed medications are also provided here.
    • First aid- the student might fall down the stairs, slip the corridor or have any injury. Thus, we have the first aid facility to help students deal with it. Our nurse staff is trained and can take care of any such issue.
    So, you need not be perplexed with regards to the healthcare services to your child. Your child is in safe with us.