G.H.Raisoni College of Engineering and Management, Ahmednagar
We focus on inspiring Raisonians to progress on the road towards technological development, foster innovation, self confidence and gain exposure to new areas which will aid the college’s growth objectives. Due to the intense international competition, we are seeking a novel approach in our teaching learning processes meant to develop a person’s inherent qualities. We believe in handing out high quality products which are the best in the industry. This is possible only through the consistent efforts of all members of RGI.Let us join hands on this journey towards innovating ideas to bring excellence and perfection in our performance.Let us aim for the pinnacle of success,without losing our ground and our set of values and remain faithful to our principles.
  • To comply with the requirements of AICTE & the University.
  • To provide Secular, Caring, Disciplined & Ethical Environment that encourages the students & staff to be the best
    that they can be.
  • To strengthen Institute – Industry Interaction.
  • To develop Teamwork.
  • To develop Entrepreneurship qualities in the Students & ultimately mould them to become good human beings.
  • To adopt progressively new Technologies in the teaching & Learning Process.